Diversity, inclusion, accessibility


A diverse audience at your conference will include a good balance of ages, genders, ethnicities and social backgrounds. People are pretty tired of software conferences where they see nothing but white men who all look and dress the same.

Your event needs, as far as possible, a diverse range of attendees and speakers.

Making inclusion and accessibility a priority will help you attract a more diverse range of attendees.


Inclusion means making a positive effort to ensure that all people feel welcome - not just those who are already confident of their place in the world of Python software. People will feel included by such things as:

  • statements welcoming beginners, and beginner-oriented talks or workshops
  • provision for special needs: dietary, mobility, etc


Accessibility means making it easy for everyone to attend, for example, by making sure the venue can easily be used by people with mobility problems.

Speech-to-text transcription will help people with hearing problems, as well as those whose are not native speakers of the conference’s language.

A crèche or nursery for small children will help parents attend (especially mothers).